Archive - Original Multiple Choice Format

Case #2   "A 57 y.o. white female with a ruptured achilles tendon"
Case #3  "62 y.o. white female with episodic fever "
Case #4 "A 27 y.o. hispanic female with prolonged fever"
Case #5 "A 17 y.o. hispanic male with a subcutaneous chest lump"
Case #6 "A 60 y.o. white male with intestinal ulcers"
Case #7 "A 64 y.o. white male with aphasia"
Case #8 "A 47 y.o. hispanic male with a rash"
Case #9 "An 88 y.o. white male with recurrent bacteremia"
Case #10 "A 76 y.o. white female with severe cellulitis"
Case #11  "A 31 y.o. white male with nausea, fever, and headache"
Case #12  "A 25 y.o. hispanic male with new onset seizures"