Samaritan Infectious Disease - HIV Care

The Samaritan Infectious Disease Clinic provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary care to those infected with the HIV virus residing in the Central Willamette Valley and Central Oregon Coast region.

Medical care is provided by Samaritan Infectious Disease physicians in the management of HIV, its complex therapies, and its complications. Care is provided in a continuing fashion in cooperation with primary care physicians and other providers of HIV medical care in the region.

Case management and social service support are crucial aspects of HIV care. Guidance is provided to assist patients through the complex medical, emotional, and financial aspects of living with HIV. Such care is provided via a cooperative arrangement with case managers from local county health departments.

HIV treatment regimens may be complex and have potential drug interactions and side effects. Consultation with a pharmacist specializing in the use of these medications is available to assist patients in understanding how to best take HIV medications.

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