Samaritan Infectious Disease - International Travel - Food and Waterborne Illness


Travel Related Food/Waterborne Illness


Food A variety of illnesses can be acquired through exposure to contaminated foods and beverages. International travelers need to select their foods and beverages carefully recognizing this risk.




Traveler's diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever are among the risks of food and waterborne illnesses for international travelers.

Employing these measures can lessen the risk of acquiring such illnesses:

  • Boiling water for one minute
  • Drinking bottled water
  • Using "backpacker" filters/iodine to purify water
  • Using portable UV water purifiers
  • Selection of foods:
    • well-cooked and hot
  • Avoidance of:
    • Salads, raw vegetables
    • Unpasteurized dairy products
    • Street vendors
    • Ice
  • Immunization for Hepatitis A and typhoid fever where appropriate



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